Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fast work at Wilson and Kenmore

Just put up a few quick and dirty (i.e. thrift store-bought Fun Fur scarves) pieces at the Stewart Elementary School at Wilson and Kenmore.

There was a shooting there last Friday, just as Spring Break was starting, and we've got a group goal of snazzing up the place before school starts again.

CPD and Clean Streets be nice to us and leave our work up at least until the kids come back to class! Fun Fur is much less disturbing than bullets (but not by much).

Pictures to come... as long as the pieces remain up there.


commuknittea said...

you guys make me smile

Kristin Anderson Barrick said...

Aw... you too! Even besides the fact that you left a comment on our blog.

We put up our work anonymously which means we're DESPERATE for attention.