Monday, July 23, 2007

Exelon Plaza

Put up Monday night. Close to the corner of Monroe and Dearborn... across the street from Italian Village.
And look! It's got BEADS on it!

LaSalle and Monroe Garbage Can

Put up Monday night on a garbage can. Corner of LaSalle and Monroe.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Morse Stop Parking Meter

A parking meter just east of the Morse stop in Rogers Park.
Thanks to all the new folks visiting the site!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wilson CTA Stop

Handle of the door.

Rogers Park Alley Pipe

Alley off of Lunt and Wolcott. How it turned out (so to speak) thanks to a suggestion from my "assistant."

How it started off. Wasn't the suggestion good?

Loyola Park Dock

The fishing pole isn't mine.

Heartland Tree Trunk

One of the first larger pieces. On a tree trunk in front of the Heartland Cafe, in their garden.

First one ever.

In front of the Heartland Cafe on the bleachers.

Orange Cream Ripple

Assembling Orange Ripple

Up at the corner of Randolph and State, in front of Borders...

...and right down the street from the Red Ripple.

Oriental Theater/Argo Tea Ripple

First downtown piece. Still up there in front of "Wicked" and Argo Tea on Randolph and State.

Evanston: Main St. Stop Bench

This one is already a R.I.P. Outside the Main Street CTA stop in Evanston. Crocheted in rounds AROUND the bench.