Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yeah. We've been away for awile.

Hey, sometimes you just watch a bunch of netflix streaming flix and piss off everything else in your life.

   We and our gang do the same thing. Wire in the Blood is a particular favorite of Rich Stich N' Bitch and Time Line. But we're back with a vengence and hoping that graffiti in our little gang-ridden village will help inspire other taggers to something greater. 


commuknittea said...

Thanks for the link in your side bar thing! as soon as i figure out how to do it I will do the same :)

targus said...

You have no idea how glad I am that you're back.

Kristin Anderson Barrick said...

@ Communknittea, no problem! We don't know how new you are to the community but the biggest encourage we got when we first organized was to have other groups link and check out our work (hence our LOVE for Maskerade! and not so much for another group).

We're glad to help out. Let us know if you need anything!

@angelo Yeah, we are too. Sometimes life hits you upside the head and just keeps hitting until you start crawling away. We're crawling. : )

Uptown Updater said...

Kudos on this. I noticed this on Clifton a while back and think it is a welcome change from gang tags, and it doesn't destroy anyone's property. Your work is appreciated.

Kristin Anderson Barrick said...

Thanks so much Uptown Updater! We love all the neighborhoods that our members live in but Uptown has always had some gold stars next to that in our hearts.

We've got some stuff brewing in our minds special for Uptown.

Uptown Updater said...

How about something that has "Uptown Update" knitted on it outside Ald. Shiller's office? She is a great fan of street art.

Unknown said...

Of course Uptown Record...Updater noticed it.

Its technically illegal but cute. I hope the city doesn't take em down. I wouldn't bother them...its a cool idea.

Not sure about Shiller's appreciation of art.

Molly Phelan has a much better plan for integrating the arts into Uptown culture then your Cappleman does. I like James personally he is a good guy, but I am throwing my support for what it is worth to Molly because artists...most of anyway UU...need a friend in office.

Unknown said...

Would spraying them with Scotchgaurd help keep them nice longer I wonder?

Textiles not my forte. I do admire your work.