Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wilson and Clarendon

Rich Stich n'Bitch has lived in the Uptown area for awhile now. She FINALLY has gotten her ass off her chaise lounge to go tagging. Note the torn t-shirt woven in the wool. Perhaps someone's a little upset about the economy and taking it out on her wardrobe?


Fiona Leonard said...


We're an Australian family on a 12 month journey around the US blogging as we go. We're also great fans of crochet graffit - see:


We've just arrived in Chicago and would love to meet up with you, and check out some of your work.

you can reach me via email: fiona@yearinamerica.net

hope to hear from you!


Matt Maldre said...

Just found this blog. I love it! I'm also a public artist http://www.spudart.org

Hey, it would be cool if you posted your photos on flickr and geo-tagged them, then you'd have a cool map of all the locations.

Unknown said...


from a new fan in a rUSH to slow down

khonmanrak said...


Patti said...

Hi. I'm from Pennsylvania and I've just learned about yarn graffiti and I have to admit, it's the coolest thing. I knit the basics and I also crochet. I am thinking of spreading my crochet in ramdom places, like others. I don't think I'll be as daring, lol, but I definately want to do something. I have your blog bookmarked to keep in touch.

Anonymous said...
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